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Wells Fargo is a sub-company of Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo is one of the leading auto lenders in the United States. Currently, Wells Fargo is serving more than four million customers across the United States. Wells Fargo offers great and unprecedented financial services to the dealer community.  Wells Fargo has integrated different financial solutions for the auto dealers.

As I have mentioned that Wells Fargo is serving more than 4 million customers all over the United States; therefore, Wells Fargo has introduced a variety of payment options. Wells Fargo offers many payment options that you can use to make the payments on your finance.

Today, I am going to discuss all the bill payment options that are offered by the Wells Fargo to make the financial payments hassle-free.

Following are the bill payment options that you can use to make the bill payments:

  1. Automatic Loan Payment option
  2. Online Payment
  3. Payment by cheque or Money order
  4. Payment by Phone
  5. Payment by Wells Fargo Branch
  6. Payment  through MoneyGram
  7. Payment through the Western Union

Before discussing the online payment option and Automatic Loan Payment option, I am going to discuss the online registration method. You must have to register for the online payment options. Let’s see how you can get registration:

Register for the Wells Fargo Online Payments

You must have to perform the below-given steps to register for the Wells Fargo Online Payments:

www.wellsfargodealerservices.com consumer

  • Click Customer Service

www.wellsfargodealerservices.com customer

  • Click Enroll in Eservice
  • You can also visit www.wellsfargodealerservices.com login to access the direct page
  • The next page will ask you some personal information such as loan number SSN selecting username and security questions.
  • Click submit at the end of the page after giving all the information
  • You’ll receive an email of confirmation

That’s all, you have registered for the Eservices of Wells Fargo

The next step is to make the bill payments. Let’s discuss the bill payment options in detail.

Wells Fargo Automatic Payment

If you set an automatic payment option for the Wells Fargo payments, then payments will be made from your bank account every month free of charge. Every month, payments will be debited automatically from your bank account and you do not need to get panic to make the payment every month.

www.wellsfargodealerservices.com sign on

www.wellsfargodealerservices.com sign on

  • Go to the payment menu
  • Enroll for the Automatic Payment option
  • Write your account number, routing number, type of account and select the amount and date
  • Click submit

Alternatively, you can download the automatic payment form and fill the form. Send the form to the following address:

  • Wells Fargo Dealer Services
    MAC E2717-023
    ALP Department
    PO Box 19733
    Irvine, CA 92623-9733

or Fax the form to

That’s it, you have subscribed to the Wells Fargo automatic payment option and your bills will be paid automatically every month.

Wells Fargo Online Bill Payment

The other online method that you can choose to make the payment is Wells Fargo online payment option. In this option, you can make the payment online but you have to make the payment every month. Let’s discuss this method in detail:

https://www.wellsfargodealerservices.com/Consumers/default.asp sign on

https://eservices.wellsfargodealerservices.com/ sign on

  • After Sign On, go to the payment menu
  • Click Pay Now
  • Write your bank account number, routing number and type of account
  • Write your loan number
  • Write the amount
  • Click Pay Now

You have successfully paid the Wells Fargo loan amount. You’ll receive an email of confirmation

Wells Fargo Loan Payment by Cheque or Money Order

If you are not comfortable to make the Wells Fargo loan payments online, then Wells Fargo has some other options that you can choose to make the loan payments. Such is the variety of the loan payment options that Wells Fargo is providing to its customers. Wells Fargo is striving to make the loan payments simple and easy for its loyal customers.

You can use the very traditional method of Wells Fargo loan payments such as payment by the cheque or money order.

You must write the loan number or policy number on the cheque or money order so that Wells Fargo may know which customer is making the payment. Make a cheque or money order in the name of the Wells Fargo. You must attach the payment coupon that you’ll find attached to your statement.

After making the cheque or money order, send the mail to the following address:

  • Wells Fargo Dealer Services
    PO Box 17900
    Denver, CO 80217-0900

www.wellsfargodealerservices.com bill pay

For more information about paying the bill through mail, you can visit www.wellsfargodealerservices.com bill pay

Wells Fargo Payment by Phone

Wells Fargo payments can also be made by calling at the Wells Fargo free number 1 800 289 8004. However, If you pay through automatic phone payment system, you’ll be charged $6 for the bill payment. On the other hand, you’ll be charged $12 if you pay through the operator assistance, You must provide your bank details and loan number to make the payment through the phone. Visit www.wellsfargodealerservices.com contact number for more information about paying by the phone.

www.wellsfargodealerservices.com phone

Wells Fargo Loan Payment through Wells Fargo Branch

You can make the Wells Fargo bill payment by visiting the Wells Fargo branch. Visit any Wells Fargo bank branch and pay with the cash. You must have to produce your loan number to make the payment through Wells Fargo branch.

Wells Fargo Loan Payment through Money Gram

You can make the Wells Fargo payment through any Money Gram branch. You must have to produce your loan number to make the payment through Monet Gram branch. You must use receive code 1812 to make the payment from Money Gram.

Wells Fargo Loan Payment through the Western Union

You can also visit any branch of the Western Union to make the Wells Fargo loan payment. You must use your Wells Fargo loan number, Western Union city code CATX and state code as TX. However, third-party fees will apply if you make the payment through MoneyGram or the Western Union.

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