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AT&T Inc. is one of the most renowned companies in communications, technology, media, and entertainment. They are considered as a Fortune 10 company. They are working hard so they can help in improving lives by providing support to local communities. Universal card online services provides you easy access to make your life a bit easier. Enjoy viewing your account summary, past or present statements, unbilled amounts, and others. Universal card pay bill online can be done safely and quickly right in your home or office. With paperless statements, you can easily view your statements online. You can also choose to receive personalized account alerts in your inbox. Choose your preferred AT&T Universal card payment options.

Universalcard Login

Before you can manage your account, you have to sign on.

Universal Card Sign in

Step One: Go to universalcard sign on and enter your user ID and password.

Step Two: Click Sign On.

By clicking the box for Remember my User ID, you can quickly login to www.Universalcard.com pay bill. If you have forgotten your user ID then click “Forgot user ID?”. Consequently, if you have forgotten your password then click “Forgot Password?”. If you have not yet activated your card then choose “Activate a Card”. In case you have not yet enrolled, then click “Register for Online Access”

Universal card make payment online can be done if you have an online access.

Universal Card Register

Step One: Enter your universal card number.
Step Two: Click Continue Set Up.

If you are just the authorized user and not the primary cardmember, then you must enter the primary cardmember’s birthdate. You must also enter the last 4 digits of the primary cardmember’s Social Security Number. In case the primary cardmember does not have a Social Security Number then you must enter the billing address Zip Code.

Universal Card Pay Bill By Mail

If you don’t want to use www.Universalcard.com pay bill online then you can send your payments to Universal card payment address:

AT&T Universal Card
P.O. Box 90010379 0 0 1 0 3 7
Louisville KY, 40290 4 0 2 9 0-10371 0 3 7

Pay At&t Universal Card Online

Universal card pay online is very convenient. Simply access your account.

Universal Card Pay Online

Step One: Go to AT&T Universal card pay bill online login.

Step Two: Enter your user ID and password.

Step Three: For AT&T Universal card payment, you must choose to Make A Payment from the options below Forgot your User ID or Password?

Always remember that if you are using a public computer, it is not safe to click the box for Remember my ID. For additional protection, always change your password occasionally, either every month or every two months. If you have not used your account for 18 months then you need to register again using a new user ID.

Remember that you can’t pay your bill unless you have already registered for AT&T Universal card payment login. If you have not yet registered, then click Not registered yet? Aside from paying your bill, you can also view your recent activity and do other things once you have registered your account online.

Even if you are on the go, you can still access your account by downloading the mobile app. You can change your pin, access your credit card account, view your credit card account statement and much more.

Pay universal card online by using your checking account. You can even schedule payments for AT&T Universal card minimum payment in advance up to one year so you can never miss any payment. Also, you can set up recurring bills so you won’t have to pay late charges. Pay at your convenience, even after banking hours.

AT&T Universal Card Pay Bill By Phone

Universal Card payment can also be done by phone. All you have to do is use your mobile phone and free contact AT&T universal card bill payment number 1-800-950-5114. You can also use this contact number in inquiring other things with regards to your credit card. AT&T Universal card pay by phone is very easy and simple.

AT&T Universal Card Customer Service

Having problems with your AT&T universal card account online? No need to worry since there are different AT&T universal contact number that you can call. For instance, if you need technical assistance or you are having trouble with your login information, then you can AT&T contact number 1-877-660-1151. Are there specific questions that you want to ask about your AT&T Universal card account? All you need to do is connect with AT&T universal card free number 1-800-423-4343. Suspicious emails or phone calls that are associated with your AT&T Universal card account can be dangerous. The best thing to do is to report it by using AT&T universal card contact number 1-888-285-9696. You can also write your inquiries send them to spoof@citicorp.com.

Linking your Citi accounts can save you a lot of time, especially in AT&T Universal card pay my bill, accessing your savings, checking, credit card, and investment accounts. Best of all, you only need a single User ID and Password for all your accounts. You can add, edit, or delete your payment sources anytime you want. Transfering funds between linked accounts can be done quickly. You can also enjoy real-time transfers and payments.

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