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Credit Acceptance started their dealership financing programs in 1972. Aside from helping consumers own their own vehicles, they also help car dealers obtain more sales. Any consumer can obtain financing no matter what their credit history is. This program can help consumers who are suffering from credit issues. Furthermore, Credit Acceptance report to three national credit reporting agencies. This means that consumers will have a chance of improving their credit scores so they can qualify for future traditional financing.

Credit acceptance.com provides everyone a second chance. Some people have been dreaming of having their own car. However, they are having difficulty in obtaining an approval from financial institutions. You don’t have to worry anymore since www.creditacceptance.com can help you on your journey. Just look for a dealer that is currently associated with Credit Acceptance. The Credit Acceptance Program aims to help consumers who want to own a car but could not get any financing. Credit Acceptance provides you with indirect auto financing. With a direct auto loan, you have to apply your financing directly from financial institutions, like banks or credit unions. Unlike with indirect auto loan, you need to apply your financing from a dealership. Take note that Credit Acceptance does not deal with consumers or personal sales directly.

You can apply for financing anywhere since Credit Acceptance dealerships are available in 50 states across the nation. The Credit Acceptance program can be utilized in different types of dealerships, such as independent and franchise car dealerships. Look for a participating car dealer near you.

Step One: Go to www.creditacceptance.com then hover your mouse to Customers then Click Find Your Credit Approval.

Credit Acceptance - Find Your Credit Approval

Step Two: Enter your First Name, MI, Last Name, Street Number, Street Name, Apartment Number, City, State, Zip Code, Email, Primary Phone, Type (Home, Work, Cell, Other), Vehicle Type, (Compact, Mid Size, Full Size and others) and Text Verification (Copy the text above). Take note that this is not an application of credit. Click the box for When I select Continue below, I am agreeing to. Finally, click Continue.

Credit Acceptance - Find Your Credit Approval-Application

After you have provided your contact information, you will be connected to a car dealer who will give you a credit approval, regardless of your bad credit history. There will be at least three car dealers who will contact you. The names and contact information of these car dealers will be given to you. So, you can visit them and select the car that you want to own.

www.creditacceptance.com Make A Payment

How to make your creditacceptance.com payment? Make sure to keep your payments on-time. In this way, your credit score can improve. There are numerous choices of credit acceptance.com make a payment. All of these payment methods are very easy. Simply choose a method that you like.

Step One: Go to www.creditacceptance.com. Hover your mouse to Customers then click Make a Payment.

Credit Acceptance - Make A Payment

Step Two: Choose between no fee creditacceptance.com payment methods and credit acceptance com payment online methods with fees. Click the plus sign to obtain more information on each www creditacceptance.com pay now methods.

Credit Acceptance - Payment Options

www.creditacceptance.com Set Up Automatic Payments

For creditacceptance.com auto pay, you need to go to https//www.creditacceptance.com login to access your account. Then, click Enroll in Auto Pay. Simply follow the instructions to complete your Auto Pay setup. Payments will be made based on the schedule that you provide.

You can also connect with credit acceptance contact number 1-800-634-1506 toll-free, to set up your automatic payments. Be ready with your Debit/ATM Card, Checking, or Savings Account before talking to a Credit Acceptance Representative.

Credit Acceptance My Account

You must set up your account before you can make automatic payments.

Step One: Go to www.credit acceptance corp.com.

Step Two: Creditacceptance.com login can be used for making payments as well as viewing your account details. If you have already registered then you can simply enter your username and password then click Sign In. Click Remember me and trust this computer to a quicker login. If you have not registered yet then just click Not enrolled? Sign up now. In case you have forgotten your username and password then click Forgot username/password.

Credit Acceptance - Customer Account Login

credit acceptance.com Make A Payment Online

For www.creditacceptance.com make a payment online, you can use your Debit/ATM Card, Checking, or Savings Account. You can also make a creditacceptance.com pay now by clicking Make a guest payment.

Credit Acceptance - Make A Guest Payment

First, you have to provide your account information by entering your account number and the last 4 digits of your SSN. Click Continue.

Credit Acceptance - Enter Account Information

You can also make a one-time payment by using any device such as your tablet, smartphone or computer. Simply log in to your account and click One-Time Payment. This will require you to pay an amount of $3.95. Your payment will be posted on the same day.

For any other concerns or questions, you can utilize creditacceptance.com contact form. Just click Contact Us.

Fill the fields such as your First Name, Last Name, Email, Primary Phone, Type of Phone, Subject, Account Number, Feedback, and Tax Verification. Then, click Submit.

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