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How to Make AAANETAccess Credit Card Bill Payments

Step 1: Create your very own www.aaanetaccess.com account

  • You will notice that this is through Bank of America Online Banking services. Therefore you will need the following information in hand so you are prepared
  • Here you will enter your known Account number
  • You will also need your www.aaanetaccess.com credit card number available. This can be found on the front of any Bank of America debit or credit card
  • You must identify yourself with a Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Those with multiple accounts can use any one of the debit or credit card account details to get started

Step 2: Fill in all of your details for www.aaanetaccess.com log in

  • However, you may not recognize this login page so you must do so at the Bank of America Login Page where you can click the “Enroll Now” button. From there add the details as mentioned above. You will also create an online ID and Pass Code.

Step 3: Begin Bank of America Online Banking

  • With an account established you can gain access to the www.aaanetaccess.com bill pay features when you are paying with Bank of America Online Banking
  • After enrolling, use the unique online ID and online pass code. Do not share the information with anyone. Keep your unique online ID and online pass code confidential.
  • Sign in to online banking using online ID and online pass code

www.aaanetaccess.com login

Step 4: Set up Bank of America Online Bill Payment

  • Go to Bank of America Online Sign in page and enter your online ID and passcode again
  • The first screen shows tabs like accounts, bill pay, transfers, cash back deals, tools and Investing, and more options
  • Click on the “bill pay” tab
  • Click “Bill Pay Center”
  • Look for “Manage Pay to Accounts” in the page
  • Under “Manage Pay to Accounts” see for options like “Add a new Pay To Account”, “Customize your Bill Pay Center Pay to Account List”, and “Delete a Pay to Account”
  • Choose “Add a new Pay to Account”

www.aaanetaccess.com bill pay video

Step 5:  Add the Pay to Company using the following steps

  • Click on the option “Pay a Company”
  • Choose browse list of companies
  • Look for companies by category, company name or search for the name of the company
  • If company is not listed add the name of the company by clicking ” Add Your Own Pay To Account”
  • Keep latest bills handy
  • Add details of the “Pay to” Companies one by one
  • Add details of the Pay to accounts under each billing company name
  • Enter unique account information for each of the pay to accounts
  • Save pay to details in the respective category

www.aaanetaccess.com payment

Step 6:  Add the Pay to Individual using the following steps

  • To make payments to individuals who are service providers use “Pay an Individual” option to register their details

Step 7:  Pay to the Company or individual using the following steps

  • Once you have registered your www.aaanetaccess.com account, the billing company or individual detail will show up in the bill payment section in the pay to list drop down menu
  • Now registered you should have no issues entering www.accessnetaccess.com log in page either in order to choose the account you need and all the details of the billing company will appear
  • Fill in the bill amount, date of payment, and click on “make the payment” button
  • Repeat the process for all of your bills

Step 8: Follow the steps given below to set up automatic payments

  • Click on “Set up Recurring Automatic Payments”
  • Set the amount and time for payment
  • The bill pay software will automatically transfer funds as per your schedule detail every month or per the time interval you have set
  • There are certain bill types that occur at frequent intervals for a specific amount. You can automate such payments
  • Automate bill payment for recurring amounts

www.aaanetaccess.com account

Step 9: Pay your bills as required

  • For non-automated payments click on “bill pay” Tab in the “activity center, anytime you want to pay your bill after setting up your “pay to” account. It is that easy. Enroll in online banking with the www.aaanetaccess.com bill pay facility.

How to Pay Bills Using Bank of America Mobile Banking App?

Bank of America Online Banking

Step 1:  Enroll through the mobile website, mobile banking app, or online banking using the following steps

  • Get the app suitable for the device type
  • Select device type from the options like iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows 10
  • Enter phone number
  • Get App
  • A link to download app will be sent to the phone number
  • Mobile banking is not available on all devices
  • If device is compatible with Bank of America Mobile App install the app
  • Sign in with online banking ID and passcode

Step 2: Start off with AAANetAccess Account mobile banking

  • Pay to individuals or billing companies as registered in mobile website or online banking
  • If pay to individuals are not registered, register using mobile app login
  • Send money to your pay to billing companies and individuals from this mobile app
  • Needless to say, data connection is needed for this service
  • Wireless carrier fees will be charged by service provider for data connection

Advantages of Bank of America Mobile Banking Using www.AAANetAccess.com Payment Options

  • Transfer money to and from all Bank of America accounts
  • Transfer money from Bank of America to other accounts
  • Automatic transfers from checking accounts to savings account
  • Credit card, utility, and mortgage accounts get paid on time

Can I make a www.AAANetAccess.com Bill Payment by Phone?

Yes, 1.800.236.6497

  • There are no fees to make payments by phone

How to Make AAANetAccess Payment via Transfer?

Bank of America Online

Step 1:  Understand that transfers can be made between any accounts

  • At Bank of America
  • At other banks

Step 2:  Understand that transfers can be used to send money to someone

  • Using their e-mail address or mobile number
  • Using their account number at Bank of America

www.AAANetAccess.com Bill Pay

Step 3:  Follow the steps given below to add recipients for money transfers

  • From the transfer tab, send money to almost anyone, anytime
  • Complete information about the person with email, and mobile number
  • Bank account number of the recipient is not required
  • After filling the necessary information about the recipient authenticate the information
  • Authentication requires your credit card number and some other form of security information

Bank of America Online Sign in

Step 4:  Follow the steps given below to transfer money to recipients

  • Once added, the recipient will appear in the drop down menu every time
  • To transfer money to e-mail or mobile recipient, choose recipient from drop-down menu
  • Fill in the amount
  • Check if everything is okay
  • Continue with the transfer
  • Transfer money to caretakers, plumbing services, window washing services, domestic help or anyone instant.

Bank of America Online Banking Sign In

AAANetAccess Bonus Points

It is easy to open a savings or checking account with Bank of America. However, it is more about the money you spend and pay back than any limits you may receive. In fact, special programs exist like the www.aaanetaccess.com bonus point offers. To learn more about this program and redemption of rewards visit the all access page on the Bank of America site and learn which card is correct for you..

To Earn Bonus Points, You Need to Open Bank of America Savings Account

Step 1: Fill in the application form

  • Fill in the online application to open a savings account
  • The application process takes 10 minutes
  • First Name, Last Name, e-mail address, date of birth, and social security number are important

Step 2: Choose the right savings account type for you

  • Open regular savings account with ATM card
  • To maintain higher balances upgrade to rewards money market savings account

Advantages of Savings Account types

  • Minimum opening deposit for both accounts is $25
  • FDIC insured
  • Can be used for overdraft protection to cover Bank of America checking account

No monthly maintenance fee

  • Minimum daily balance of $300 in regular savings account and $2,500 in rewards savings account
  • First four checking and savings account for preferred rewards client

Earn Immediate AAANetAccess Rewards

  • $5 for Regular savings account
  • $12 for Rewards Money Market Savings Account

What is special about rewards money market savings account?

Preferred rewards clients receive an interest rate booster with a higher APY

  • Gold customers – 0.04%
  • Platinum customers – 0.05%
  • Platinum Honors customers – 0.06%

Interest rate booster is not available for a regular savings account.

What Next?

  • Create your www.aaanetaccess.com login and pay your bills
  • Check for www.aaanetaccess.com bonus point offers
  • Check www.aaanetaccess.com for points info