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With UPMC Health Plan, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. They can give you access to the best hospitals, best physicians, and most of all best customer service. Aside from offering health plans to individuals, also offer health plans to families and employer groups. UPMC Health Plan’s head office is located in Pittsburgh, Pa. This company is considered as one of the country’s fastest-growing health plans. UPMC is a famous health care provider.

UPMC Health Plan vows to provide it’s members better health, more financial freedom, and most of all peace of mind. UPMC Health Plan works with other network providers so they can become an expert in providing the highest quality care with the most economical price. The UPMC Insurance Services Division is comprised of UPMC Health Plan, LifeSolutions, UPMC WorkPartners, UPMC for Life, UPMC for Kids, UPMC for You, Askesis, and Community Care Behavioral Health. This leading insurance company provides a complete range of group health insurance, Special Needs, Medicare, CHIP, Medical Assistance, worker’s assistance, behavioral health, as well as compensation products and services designed for employed individuals. Currently, they are catering more than 3.2 million members. They have the largest local provider network including over 130 hospitals and over 20,000 physicians which are located all over Pennsylvania and some parts of Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Pay Your UPMC Bill Online

When paying your UPMC bill, you don’t have to go out from your home or office. Paying your bills can be done online, which is much easier and more comfortable too! They have merged most of their billing systems to provide you a secure way to pay bill UPMC. In the future, they are planning to offer paybill.upmc online for all their UPMC services.

Step One: When opening pay, it works better if you use Chrome on Windows or Mac. Visit Next, click Select the Type of Bill that you want to pay from the drop-down menu.

UPMC Type Of Bill

Step Two: To proceed with pay my bill UPMC, select your plan from the drop-down menu. This is the facility, physician or coverage that you would like to pay.

UPMC Select Plan

Step Three: Paybill.upmc will give you a sample of an insurance bill will appear on your screen. You have to compare this to your own bill.

UPMC Compare Bill

Step Four: If this image is completely the same with your own bill, then click Yes, my bill matches sample above.

UPMC Bill Match

Step Five: UPMC pay bill lets you enter the member’s last name and first name. Click Account ID.

UPMC Member Info

Step Six: In case the member is also the payer, then simply check the box on Check this box if the above name is the same as payor name. If not, then enter the payer’s last name, first name, and phone number. Enter the amount that you are going to pay. Also, enter your email address twice so you can receive an email confirmation. Finally, click Pay Now.

UPMC Payer Info

If you have any questions or inquiries, simply call UPMC pay bill phone number 1-855-489-3494.

Other Options To Pay My Bill UPMC

There are other ways for UPMC pay a bill. The first option is UPMC pay bill online.

UPMC Pay Bill Online

Step One: Visit Log in to your MyHealth Online account using your username. If you have not yet registered then click Register for MyHealth Online Now.

UPMC Myhealth Online

Step Two: Check the box for I agree to the disclaimer. Then click register.

UPMC Myhealth Online Disclaimer

Step Three: Register by filling up the necessary information.

UPMC Myhealth Online Registration

There are a lot of things that you can do after registering with MyHealth OnLine such as:

  • Managing your health. By completing MyHealth Questionnaire, you will know your current health status. It only takes approximately 20 minutes. They will provide you suggestions on how to effectively manage your health.
  • You can also sign up to autopay so you can avoid late fees and penalties for UPMC pay my bill. It is fast, easy, and secure. All you have to do is log in to MyHealth OnLine and enroll for autopay.
  • You can also view your coverage and other documents. It also gives you the option to download forms.
  • Members can enjoy discounts through MyHealth Rewards. For your health concerns, you can also chat with a health coach.
  • Look for the appropriate physician, medication, or pharmacy for your healthcare needs.

After registering, you can proceed to UPMC pay your bill by using your credit card, debit card, checking account or savings account.

UPMC Pay Bill By Phone

If you want to pay your bill by phone then simply call UPMC contact number 1-855-489-3494 toll-free. You can call them anytime since they are available 24/7. This is a secure automated payment system so your personal data are always safe.

Pay UPMC Bill By Mail

You can pay your bill by sending a check or money order to UPMC Health Plan. Be sure that your check or money order must arrive before the due date. You should mail your payment at least seven days in advance.

Pay Your UPMC Bill Through Sales Centers

You may also pay your bill through one of their UPMC Health Plan’s Connect Service and Sales Centers. You can only use check or credit card in paying your bill.

For any other concerns with your UPMC health insurance pay bill, click Contact Page.

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