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With Elder-Beerman Credit Card, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. First of all, you can earn $20 Rewards Card, every time you spend $200. However, this is subject to credit approval. Take note that the terms of YOUR REWARDS program may change from time to time. This program is being offered by The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. You must refer to Rewards Terms & Conditions in order to get more details.

You can always keep your points since it will be carried over year after year. For every $1 you spent, you can earn 1 point. You must remember that your points will not expire provided that you can make a purchase using YOUR REWARDS credit card at least every 24 months.

You can also enjoy birthday celebration offers. You must provide a valid email address so you can avail this offer. In case you opened your account on your birthday month or in the previous month, your first birthday celebration benefit will be given next year during your birthday month.

Other benefits include Exclusive Savings Offers, Special Email Promotions and much more! Want to earn more savings and rewards? Then, become an Elite or VIP YOUR REWARDS cardmember to enjoy Elites Extras Mailings. If you are an Elite cardmember, you can receive them 6 times per year and 12 times per year for VIP members.

Best of all, you can shop online every day and avail free delivery. However, this is only for VIP members who have purchased more than $25. By using YOUR REWARDS credit card, you can get free standard shipping.

Comenity Elder Beerman Account Registration

Once you have registered to Elder-Beerman, you can access and manage your account 24/7. You can pay your bill online and view or print your statement. You can also update your profile. All of these things can be done from any device such as your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Registering is very easy, just follow these steps:

Step One: Go to www.comenity-elder-beerman. You can either click Register for Online Access or Register for Access.

Comenity Elder Beerman Register

Step Two: Enter your credit card number, zip code/postal code and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Then, click Find My Account.

Comenity Elder Beerman Credit Card Account

Step Three: Create your username and password. Re-enter your password for confirmation. Enter your email address and mobile phone number. By clicking the box for Yes, remember this device to help make signing in faster, you won’t have to re-enter this information again everytime you want to access your account. Finally, click Create Account.

Comenity Elder Beerman Create Account

Step Four: Click the circle on Enroll in Paperless, so you can receive your statement in your inbox. This is safe, reliable and convenient.

Comenity Elder Beerman Enroll In Paperless

Step Five: If you want to enroll in digital card then click the circle on Activate My Card. Then, click Continue.

Comenity Elder Beerman Enroll In Digital Card

After registering, you can now proceed to comenity elder beerman login.

Step One: Go to elder beerman comenity. Enter your username and password. Then, click Sign In. By clicking the box for Remember Me, you won’t have to enter this info again every time you want to log in.

Comenity Elder Beerman Sign In

Step Two: Click Forget your username or password, in case you can’t remember your username or password.

Elder Beerman Comenity Pay Online

Before making a payment, you should go to elder beerman comenity credit card login and enter your username and password.

Comenity Elder Beerman Make A Payment

After signing in, you can now make your payments online. Before making any payment online, you must prepare your checking account number and bank routing number. No need to worry since this information is stored safely for future payments. However, you can also change them anytime you want. You can pay anytime and any day you want.  You can even pay on weekends and holidays.

Elder beerman comenity bank payment outside of the U.S. is not accepted at this time. However, you can still make a payment using an electronic payment. For more details, you can call the Elder Beerman customer service contact number 1-855-567-7742.

Making online payments is free of charge. When making comenity bank elder beerman payments, you can choose the date when your payment will be withdrawn from your bank account. Usually, it takes two days before your transfer will be completed.

Comenity Pay Elder Beerman Through Debit Card

Paying your credit card bill using your debit card is not possible at this time. When making an online payment, you must enter a valid checking account number. This is not the same as your debit card number. If you don’t know your checking account number, then you can ask your bank. Usually, this is found at the bottom of your check or you can also look for it on your monthly bank statement.

For your other concerns about elder-beerman bill payment, just click Help.

Comenity Elder Beerman Help

Then, click Payments.

Comenity Elder Beerman Help Payments

If you still can’t find the answers to your questions then you can send them a message.

Comenity Elder Beerman Send Message

You can also call Elder Beerman contact number 1-855-567-7742. They are available from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 9 pm ET. You can also write them at the following address:

Customer Care Address
Comenity Bank
PO Box 182273
Columbus OH, 43218-2273

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