About Me

Hey everybody! My name is Rakash. If you are like me, you probably are someone who likes to pay for things online, because it is easy, it saves time, and it is organized. I never receive paper mail. I am not bothered by such wasteful clutter! I always archive my e-mails with confirmation codes. I love billpayments for this reason, and I bookmark all the links so I never forget the actual page where to pay.

However, when talking with my friends they do not have it so easy. They complain to me that they spend so much time online dragging their feet, trying to find the right web page and eventually they just give up, open the envelope, write a cheque and send off their bill payment in the snail mail. So much time and wasted paper. (I am an environment enthusiast too! Save the planet today!)

So I wondered for a while how to help my friends. What can I do? How can I improve the experience for others online? I am an avid blogger, as you can tell. I thought the best thing to do with my time was to write about bill pay websites. How can I make it easier for my friends and the average internet surfer to find the right link and correct information when making a decision to pay off their credit card, a utility bill, or even annual membership to the local gym.

I hope you enjoy this website and learn a lot! Please comment on my articles if I missed any information or you think there is more to say! We will be discussing everything from credit card statements, to bill payments, to registering and applications, to cancellations and more.