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Target cards can be used to pay for gas, buying groceries, shopping online, and much more. By clicking www.mybalancenow.com Target website, you will be able to access all the relevant information related to your card.

Make a Payment Target REDcard

To make a payment you must firs t apply for a Target credit account.

How to apply for Target Credit Card

Target Credit Card Application form

Target Credit Card Application form

After you have completed all the above information, send the form to:
Target Card Services
Attn: Make a Payment/Credit Department
PO BOX 5329
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5329

However, if you wish to apply for a Debit Card, click on the “apply online” button as shown below,

Target Debit Card Application

You then will be provided with the relevant information about the Target Debit Card, as shown below;

Target Debit Card Application Form

Target Debit Card Application Form

After filing this information, send the form to the address:
Target Debit Card Application
Target Corporation – Make a Payment
ATTN: Application Processing
PO BOX 5332
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5332

Activate Target Credit or Debit Card

In Order to activate you card, visit the Activate Target Card site

Click on the “activate card” or “Log in” buttons below the manage REdcard option, as shown below.

Activate Target Card

To activate your Target Redcard, you need your Target Redcard information. Click on the “Submit” Button once you are done or click on the “Cancel” Button to cancel.

As shown below;

Activate Target Card

Pay Target Account Online

To log into your account, visit the website www.mybalancenow.com make a payment and enter your Card Number, Expiry date, and the 3-Digit Security Code, then click on the “Sign In” button.

www.mybalancenow.com homepage.

Target Card Make Payments

  • Target Card Payment by mail
  • Make a Target Card Payment on the phone
  • Making Online Target Payments

Target Card Payment by Mail

All Target payments should be submitted to:
Target Card Services
PO BOX 660170
Dallas, TX  75266-0170

Make a Target Card Payment on the Phone

If you wish to make Target Card payments via phone, you should call the Target REDCard customer service free number 1-800-424-6888. Your payment will then be processed within 2 business day and this will then reflect on your account.

Make Online Target Payments

Step 1: Visit www.mybalancenow.com and Log in to your account

Step 2: Enter your card information under “Manage your card”

Manage Target card

Step 3: Click on the “schedule a payment” button under “Payment Information”, on the left side of your screen. Target Online payments made prior to 5pm are processed and reflect on your account the same day.

Edit or Cancel Target Payment

Step 1: Log into your account using the www.mybalancenow.com cancel site

Step 2: Enter your Card information under “Manage your Card”

Manage Target Card

Step 3: Click on the “View Payment History” button.

Step 4: Select “Edit or Cancel”.

Get help!

For help regarding the use of your Target Card, call Target customer care 1-800-698-4952.

This will lead to a page where you could learn about;

  • The General Information and Getting Started with your card.
  • Using your card.
  • Security and fees.

How to Use Target Card Online

Click on the “Using your Card” button to find out how you can use your card.

Using your Target card

This will direct you to a page that shows you the features of the Target Card, How to use your Card, and a Help option.

Using your card tips, help and find a target store.

When you want to use your Target Card In a Store:

  • Present your card when making a purchase.
  • Select and sign the receipt to finalize your purchase as a signature transaction.
  • For a Debit option, simply choose debit and enter your pin.
  • Assign a ZIP Code since most retailer require ZIP Codes as a checkout security feature.
  • Use your mail address when making purchases online as your personal information is not associated with your Card.
  • You can only use your Target Card on Nationwide Online purchases in the United States and the District of Columbia.

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